Welcome to the World of SEO

In India Site owners recognized the value of a high ranking and visibility of website in search engine results. I have worked for about 8 Years in promoting websites to the front page of Google and other search engines. I found the job very challenging, admiring worthwhile, and satisfying. 


Every day checking the website flaw, errors and planning to do something new to increase the traffic to the website was very challenging. In early days we kept some space on the website to add free advertisement and links with forms to fill details. I found even competitors interested in adding there products and allowed the same. Clients visiting the web page found many products at cheap price. Free Advertisement still generates heavy traffic. Google introduced many new tools like Webmaster, Google+, Business Center, and Google Adwords with it the analytics tool to check visitors where and how they landed to the page, Google Maps.

When to employ reputed SEO.

If you know your brand is having negative results, or with existing negative content, reputation management SEO is the only path to your success.

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