Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing (SMM) the newest trend of marketing, social media means online network of friendship & relative a chain of devoted contribution, interaction, and content sharing. Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatapp, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest have become very popular not only with youngster and elders but even business houses and this social websites have mobile apps to easily configure on Mobile and runs very faster.

Youngsters Addicted to Taking Selfies , families share photos and videos of unforgettable celebrations and business houses are busy promoting their brand exposure and broaden customer reach on social media websites.

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. In other words Social Media Optimization plays a vital role in marketing the company’s brands by advertising and on a very economical cost it reaches to almost all social networking members who even share and like good interesting contents.

Many education institutions facilitate Certified Diploma Course in Social Media Marketing

Subjects Cover:


Video is a growing marketing strategy it has many audiences on social media. Consumers prefer watching a short video clip and read paragraphs or text, especially while browsing social platforms.

Advantages of Social Media.

Relevant content will grab attention of potential customers and increase brand visibility.
Respond instantly to industry developments this can improve your brand reputation.
Cheaper advertising, if you choose to invest in paid advertising, you can spend as much or as little as your budget allows.
Social content can boost traffic to your website. This can lead to increased online conversions such as sales and leads.
Tracking to determine how many sales are generated by paid social advertising.
It builds good relationships with customers through social media.

Social Media Management & Marketing Tools

Facebook Insights :
Facebook Insights free; it’s easy to use, too.
The most popular platform for sharing and engaging with content, so tools designed for that platform are especially valuable — and Facebook Insights is a good one.

It helps manage your followers on both platforms — Twitter and Instagram

Likeable Local :
Managing Your Social Media : Collaborative platform allows us to do the heavy lifting creating content, scheduling posts, and running your ads while you oversee the work and reap the rewards.

Buffer :
A better way to manage your social media
Looking for an easier way to manage your social media marketing? Buffer makes it simple to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all your accounts in one place.

Hootsuite Social Tool :
The Best Way to Manage Social Media
Manage multiple social networks, connect with customers, and grow your brand on social media.

Social Clout :
Social Media Monitoring Software and Analytics Solution.
Social media analytics tool designed specifically to track engagement and calculate social media ROI. Social Clout shows you which demographics have the best engagement and which platforms convert the best, and at what times.

Socedo :
B2B Social Media Demand Generation
Use AI to grow & engage your B2B audience on social, easily. Build the right audience in less time.